Accounting Services

Knowledge, timeliness, control, responsibility

We offer our Business Partners accounting services tailored to their needs. This includes standard accounting services that are reflected in the recording of regular business activities as well as special accounting services such as creating special reports at the request of partners, but also financial and ratio analysis.

With the help of our knowledge, experience and DMS System (Document Management System), your business processes will be recorded in a timely and accurate manner, which gives you the advantage to look at the future development of your business.

We use the best accounting programs that provide a clear, unambiguous and accurate view of the state of your business.

We use programs such as Pantheon, Microsoft Navision for which we have multiple licenses, but also other accounting programs as needed by partners such as SAP, Axapta, e-line, Japet, 5-dimension.

We introduced DMS (Document Management System) digitization of business documentation, BPM (Business Process Management) process management, PMS (Project Management System) project management, and we connected DMS with our ERP Pantheon and Navision.