Legal Services

Pravne usluge, u skladu sa zakonima

Are you planning to start a business, do you need guidelines for starting a business or do you need advice if you have decided on another plan?

We provide you with legal advice regarding the establishment of all types of business and legal entities;

We understand the needs of the founders / members of the company and advise them regarding their rights and obligations.

We specialize in the field of status changes and recapitalization.

We provide advice on labor relations, inter-entity employment and the rights and obligations of employers when hiring foreign nationals.

Development of all types of regulations in accordance with state and entity laws and bylaws.

In addition, we are here for:

Advising in case of liquidation / bankruptcy / termination of business / legal entity

Consulting in contractual relations with special reference to financial operations, protection of the client’s interests as one of the contracting parties is in the first place.

Through all solutions, we strive to optimize the client’s business and tax costs.

In accordance with the Law, we harmonize the implementation of your contracts and activities on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina.