COVID-19 and DMS

We are witnessing how our lives changed in an instant, with the arrival of the new COVID-19 virus. It has also affected the changes in the business world that we have to deal with. There are more and more companies that have focused their jobs and workers on online processes. As a result, accounting itself required some changes to adapt to the new way of doing business.

The online flow of documentation, proper recording, posting and archiving of the same stand out as the basis in the accounting system of a company. The Document Management System (DMS) is just that. In one place you are able to see all your business processes in electronic form from the entry of the document in the DMS to archiving with accurate and timely reports that are necessary at the time of the pandemic.

The functioning of DMS as an integral part of the accounting system and digital document management is an advantage of the bookkeeping service we provide to our partners.

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Your Respect Team