Tax Representation

Security, confidentiality, responsibility

A taxpayer who has no registered office in Bosnia and Herzegovina, is a non-resident of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and trades in goods and services in Bosnia and Herzegovina, according to the Law on VAT of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Article 60 and Article 7 of the Ordinance must register and appoint his tax representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Tax representation is defined so that both the taxpayer and the representative or proxy are jointly and severally liable for VAT calculated in accordance with the Law.

We will register you in the VAT system of Bosnia and Herzegovina and be your tax representative.

As your tax representative, we undertake the obligation to file VAT, declare VAT, pay VAT and refund it when possible.

We will deregister the tax representation upon completion of the project or your activities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and remove the non-resident of Bosnia and Herzegovina from the taxpayer system in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Be sure that our experienced tax advisors will provide you with a solution in accordance with legal regulations.