Audit Service

Legality, professional ethics, expertise and competence, responsibility

Financial statement auditing services, valuation services, financial in-depth recordings, consulting related to the company’s operations are part of the services provided by our team.

An audit of financial statements provides users of financial statements with an opinion on the accuracy, completeness, credibility, legality and objectivity of those reports, which they present to the company’s management and other entities.

The audit service is conducted by professional auditors, of a solid character, who continuously work on their communication and professional skills.

By providing other services, our audit team seeks to become familiar with the organization’s processes by improving the effectiveness of risk management, the internal control system, and corporate governance.

Based on the audit report on the identified deficiencies and recommendations, the company’s management is able to gain insight into the company’s work and will ensure the implementation of the company’s business goals and strategy by eliminating omissions and implementing recommendations.