Digitization and ITA BiH

The age of digitalization and the advantages it brings with it has been recognized by the ITA BiH and in that sense it has opted for the digital transformation of the e-Records of the ITA BiH.

The transformation of e-Records will enable the ITA BiH to focus on certain companies and accounts during future controls. The new system seeks to strengthen the supervision of taxpayers where certain illogicalities occur. For this purpose, a decision was made to submit a book of incoming and outgoing invoices. mandatory for all taxpayers from January 2021.

E-records will be submitted in CSV format via the e-portal by the 20th of the month following the end of the tax period, in one month.

From February 2020, the possibility was introduced for taxpayers to use the trial period in which they can enter their kuf and kif records and eliminate possible technical errors in electronic books.

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