The advantage for our client partners is that the services they need from the opening, operation to the closure of the company can get everything in one place.

What does it all mean in one place?

Our tax advisors will give you instructions and advice to start a business successfully.

Our lawyer will register your company in the Basic Court, Tax Administration, Indirect Taxation Authority and other institutions and allow you in accordance with the legislation of FBiH, RS, DB, BIH to start doing business.

At the start of your business, you will be taken over by our certified accountants, they will include you in our accounting and information system and build the best communication channel of mutual cooperation with IT specialists. Your activities, documentation and other things will be recorded promptly, professionally and responsibly, and you will have a clear overview of your business at all times, which will be presented in the financial statements at the time specified by law.

In all business controls, audits of financial statements, processing of certain data, development of business plans, takeovers, etc. our tax advisors, certified accountants and a lawyer are involved.

Our department for general affairs and payroll will carefully and carefully guide your employees through their working life from the first employment contract, registration in the Tax Administration system from retirement.

Together with us, you will make new investment studies, business analyzes, in-depth analyzes of other potential partners and make important decisions for the further development of the company.

We will support you in all areas of your business as well as strategic commitments.

Everything in one place represents for you our partner, accuracy, economy, security, trust, archiving and data protection, up-to-dateness, better and safer perspective of successful growth and development of your business.

All you have to do is run your business in the best way you can.


Professionalism, accuracy and responsibility are the qualities of our experts who are at your disposal for any challenge at any time.

When consulting and solving current business challenges, we approach them individually because each situation is specific. In addition to complying with all regulations, we take into account our many years of experience with inspections in various fields so that we offer the optimal solution taking into account all factors as well as taking into account the potential future risks of the offered solution.

Only through continuous education, training, upgrading can we keep up with our progressive clients and be adequate support.

Our team consists of thirteen certified accountants, two auditors, an internal auditor, a tax advisor, a lawyer, two IT experts, graduate economists and others.

Ongoing internal training, cooperation with financial, auditing and law firms, constant attendance at seminars, conferences and trainings organized by various institutions of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Republika Srpska enrich our knowledge and enable us to keep abreast of changes in the legal framework.